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Act No1 of 2022

An Act to enforce the constitutional right to fundamental liberty and full lawful decision-making autonomy of all citizens under any psychiatric services, to confer jurisdiction upon the federal courts of Australia to provide injunctive relief against any discrimination of fundamental human rights by any psychiatrists and psychiatric staff against any citizens to be codified in The Criminal Code Act 1995, to authorize the Attorney General to institute criminal proceedings against all psychiatrists and psychiatric staff conducting forced and coercive treatments which are now human rights violations, to protect constitutional rights of all citizens in all public and private facilities and healthcare services in accordance with the Australian ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), to establish a Psychiatric Practices Royal Commission to examine the extent of psychiatric deaths, suicides and morbidity, to establish a permanent Psychiatric Practices Commission to protect citizens against criminal Psychiatric Practices and  Human Rights violations, to provide total unimpeded access to all psychiatric files and remove all ‘Privacy Act’ protections concealing psychiatrist malpractices and negligence, to prevent discrimination in any federal or state jurisdiction and provide all citizens with immediate unimpeded lawful access to programs to safely detoxify from all highly toxic psychotropic drugs (under the related ‘Clean-Blood Act’ No.2 of 2022) and for related and other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Australia in parliament assembled, That this Act may be cited as the ‘The Criminal Psychiatric Practices Abolition Act No. 1 of 2022’.

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The Clean Blood Total Psychotropic-Toxins Withdrawal Service

Act No2 of 2o22

This is the initial outline of the specialist program for The Clean Blood Total Psychotropic-Toxins Withdrawal Service.


The aim of the service is to support any persons whether under a medical diagnosis or not who may wish to totally cease their Psychotropic-Toxins use and achieve improvements in their physical and psychological well being.


The service achieves this by providing a range of measures and interventions including:


  • The total removal of ANY-ALL psychiatric treating and or nursing staff from any contact whatsoever with the program participant and any contact attempted will involve serious criminal penalties.


  • Comprehensive assessment and an individual patient care plan; with overall management by accredited  fully recovered peer-led psychiatric-regime survivors


  • Expert advice and information for GPs and an appropriate reducing regime in accordance with national recognised guidelines and best practice;


  • Short, medium or long term patient support, counselling and psychosocial interventions;


  • Collaborative working with Primary Health Care staff and other services; excluding psychiatry


  • Sessions are delivered from the GP practice or domiciliary visits

Medical Personnel have put a horrifying concept on the grid, and it involves human bio-markers and electromagnetic intrusions. Removing these weaponised devices from the hands of anyone using them, is where people should be thinking, rather than deploying the arm and fires on these devices.

These devices have been considered lawful under specified use, however, there has been widespread corruption of their use for some time, that has increased to hazard level.


These covert armed fires aimed at a person, or business for reasons of harassment, is an offense. Harassment cannot be said to be ‘medical inspection’ or ‘device testing’ or ‘covert operations’. The license for use will be cancelled and the persons committing this offense will be arrested for sabotage with covert weaponry.

The concept of ‘legal use’ of these devices is not something that is permissible, as these devices have been developed by methods that are scandalous, cruel, and involve invasive, violent forced human experimentation.

In order to locate the devices, and recognise what device is deploying when and when is a matter that must remain classified until further notice.

Policy on Covert Operations Vibrational Indicator Direction upgrades

Act No3 of 2o22